List of Commonwealth Games and the Host Countries/Cities

List of host Countries/Cities for Commonwealth Games (1930-2026): Commonwealth Games is one of the most important and popular sports events enjoyed and watched worldwide. Commonwealth Games for the first time took place in the year 1930, where this multisport event is organized across different cities and countries in metropolitan areas. It mainly comprises summer and winter games where one of the venues is fixed as the centerpiece stadium and also the opening and closing ceremonies are held in this stadium.

List of host cities for Commonwealth Games
List of host Countries for Commonwealth Games

The upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games is going to be hosted in the capital city of England, Birmingham. Melbourne after four years, in 2026 will inaugurate the 2026 commonwealth games. The first inception of the 1911 Commonwealth Games took place in England, London. Also, the 2030 Commonwealth Games will be hosted at the Hamilton venue, to mark the centenary of this prestigious event.

Australia has hosted the Commonwealth Games six-time, and Canada four times. Nine nations have contested the commonwealth games for once, where Auckland and Edinburgh hosted the games more than once.

List of Countries/Cities Who Have Hosted Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games is always a prominent event comprising of social as well as a cultural celebration of people of different races, languages, cultures, beliefs, perspectives, and traditions with balanced structure and organization.

A diverse group of nations/ cities come together that symbolize the core three values of humanity, quality, and destiny. Below we have gathered the list of cities/countries that have hosted the commonwealth games.

Year Number Country City
2026 XXIII Australia Victoria (Regions)
2022 XXII England Birmingham
2018 XXI Australia Gold Coast
2014 XX Scotland Glasgow
2010 XIX India Delhi
2006 XVIII Australia Melbourne
2002 XVII England Manchester
1998 XVI Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
1994 XV Canada Victoria
1990 XIV New Zealand Auckland
1986 XIII Scotland Edinburgh
1982 XII Australia Brisbane
1978 XI Canada Edmonton
1974 X New Zealand Christchurch
1970 IX Scotland Edinburgh
1966 VIII Jamaica Kingston
1962 VII Australia Perth
1958 VI Wales Cardiff
1954 V Canada Vancouver
1950 IV New Zealand Auckland
1938 III Australia Sydney
1934 II England London
1930 I Canada Hamilton
1911 England London

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