In which sports have India won medals at Commonwealth Games?

Common Wealth Games is one of the biggest sports events followed by millions of sports enthusiasts. It is after a couple of days, that the 22nd edition of the CWG will kick start in Birmingham. A total of 72 nations will participate in the event, and India is one among them, where Indian CWG followers are excited to reveal In which sports have Indian won medals at Commonwealth Games.

sports India won medals at Commonwealth Games
In which sports have India won medals at Commonwealth Games?

We here have come up with an elaborate answer to the above question, where since the inception of the commonwealth games India has been successful in clinching 503 medals. Out of these 503 medals, 181 came as gold medals.

India’s Medal Tally By Sport at Commonwealth Games

Below is the list of sports, In which Indian athletes won medals at the commonwealth games

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Shooting 63 44 28 135
Weightlifting 43 48 34 125
Wrestling 43 37 22 102
Boxing 8 12 17 37
Badminton 7 7 11 25
Table tennis 6 4 10 20
Athletics 5 10 13 28
Archery 3 1 4 8
Hockey 1 3 0 4
Squash 1 2 0 3
Tennis 1 1 2 4
Judo 0 3 5 8
Gymnastics 0 1 2 3
Swimming 0 0 1 1
Totals (14 sports) 181 173 149 503

At the CWG Shooting sports program, Indian athletes have won a total of 135 medals (63 gold).

India made its debut at the commonwealth games in Wrestling and has so far bagged 201 medals out of which 43 are gold.

India is the second most successful nation in the Weightlifting sports program with a total of 125 medals (43 gold medals).

With 8 gold medals, India has won a total of 37 medals in the Boxing CWG event.

Table Tennis
The athletes have shown decent performance at the Table Tennis event with a total of 20 medals (6 gold medals)

India stands with 25 medals which include 7 gold at the Commonwealth Games.

Athletes have shown incredible performance in the history of the CWG event, with 8 medals (3 gold medals)

With5 gold medals, India has secured 28 medals in the track and field Athletics CWG sports program.

Indian athletes so far have managed to bag only 3 medals in the squash event.

So far in the history of CWG, India has won only four medals in hockey.

With one goal, India Tennis players at the Commonwealth games have been able to bring only 4 medals with one gold medal.

Indian athletes have failed to clinch a gold medal in the Judo CWG sports program and stand with five bronze and 3 silver medals.

India stands with only one bronze medal at the CWG Swimming event.

The medal tally for Indians at the Gymnastics Commonwealth games stands with one silver and two bronze medals.

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