Commonwealth Games 2022 to allow trans women Cyclist

This year, the organizers of the commonwealth games have agreed with gender rules for the upcoming Birmingham event, allowing participation of the transwomen to compete in a female cycle event. It was from the past 12 months, the commonwealth games federation has been discussing how to manage the transgender competition issue and now has finalized its policy. It will remain within the discipline, where the competition will adhere to the rules applied by individual sporting bodies.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Trans women
Commonwealth Games 2022 to allow Trans women

According to the Union Cyclist Internationale, the riders must follow the transgender policy with a requirement of testosterone level below 5nmol/L for at least 12 months before the start of the first game. It means that the athlete who has previously competed in any of the male events will now be considered to participate in the selection process of a female cycling event.

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The transgender national medallist declines to comment on her case stating “does not comment on individual selection decisions, but we will consider any rider who meets the eligibility criteria which we use when making decisions on our nominations”.

It will be a great moment for the transgender women cyclist to leverage an opportunity by competing this summer at the Birmingham 2022 event. Also, the IOC reversed its view saying that there should no longer be any assumption about transwomen having any advantage over natal women.

The American swimmer Lia Thomas underwent a transition in 2019, creating huge controversy last weekend after winning the US national college title in the 500-yard women’s competition. The testosterone level for transwomen at the swimming competition holds a strict limit of 10nmol/L, which is twice that of cycling and athletics.

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