Commonwealth Games: Birmingham 2022 mascot Perry

The Commonwealth Games 2022 Mascot is designed by 10-year-old Emma Lou. Emma Lou was selected from different Mascot designs announced as the winner at a national design competition last summer.

Children of age group 5 to 15 were allowed to participate in the competition to create a mascot that reflects the heritage, identity, and culture of Commonwealth Games venue Birmingham and the West Midlands.For centuries, the Mascot of the Commonwealth Games is characterized as Bulls.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Mascot Perry
Commonwealth Games 2022 Mascot Perry

The Bull Mascot holds its uniqueness where rainbow-colored hexagons represent togetherness at the commonwealth games in connection with the diverse communities of Birmingham and the West Midlands at the 2022 Games. The event is scheduled to take place between 28thJuly to 8th August 2022.

Birmingham 2022 mascot Perry

This iconic Commonwealth Games Mascot is named Perry after the Perry Barr area of Birmingham. The area is close to the famous Alexandar stadium and is currently under renovation with an estimated cost of Euro 72 million ($99 million). The opening and closing ceremonies are scheduled to take place at this stadium.

Regarding Birmingham’s Iconic Jewellery quarter which is the center for Jewellery and precious metals of the United Kingdom, mascot Perry is adored with a medal. The Commonwealth Games Mascot, Perry is donned with a colorful sports kit comprising of blue, red, and yellow stripes, connecting with the colors of the official flag of Birmingham and the motto of the city “Forward”.

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Also, it is for the first time at any multi-sport game, that Mascot Perry will appear real to its viewers through augmented reality, where people can visualize through their mobile camera #PoseWithPerry and also via special filter on Facebook and Instagram. Also, Perry’s personality and characteristics have been showcased through a story via an animated video.

Ian Reid, Chief executive of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games said “ Perry is everything I hoped our mascot would be and more: bright, colorful, energetic, and representative of modern Birmingham and the West Midlands. Perry celebrates diversity, community, and our region’s heritage as well as its future.

It was at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, a mascot featuring an animal was selected replacing the hugely popular Clyde, a thistle. Some of the popular Commonwealth Mascots are Kangaroo at Brisbane 1982, a Killer Whale at Victoria 1988, Kiwi at Auckland 1990, an orangutan at 2008 Kaula Lumpur, a red-tailed black cockatoo at 2006 Melbourne, and a tiger at 2010 Delhi event. The 2018 Gold Coast, Commonwealth Games official Mascot featured a bright blue Koala Borobi.

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The 2022 Birmingham Mascot design was selected based on the first virtual Mascot Summit in July 2020. The event was hosted by Denis Lewis, an Olympic heptathlon gold medallist and president of Commonwealth Games along with television presenter Radzi Chinyangangya from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. After winning the competition, Emma Lou expressed her happiness stating “I am excited to come to the commonwealth games and it will be amazing to see Perry in the Opening ceremony”.

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