Birmingham 2022 Festival set to open with free open air show

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is all way round, where this time the Birmingham 2022 Festival will feature a large-scale open-air performance showcasing acrobatics, combing dance, and aerial displays. Leamington Spa-based dance circus company Motionhouse is the creator of the Free show called Wondrous stories will commence the festival from March 17th. The Festival will run long for around six months with a cultural program taking place across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Birmingham 2022 Festival
Birmingham 2022 Festival

It will be a big bash celebration with over 200 events, comprising of spectacular air show, an immersive 3D experience on public transport, an album inspired by Birmingham, photography exhibitions across Billboards, a tap-dancing record attempt, and a city center forest of magical proportions.

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The event will kickstart from this month and will continue up to September displaying the ambition, heritage, creativity, and diversity of Birmingham and the West Midlands on a global stage. It is considered one of the largest ever cultural programs.

The plans for the Birmingham 2022 Festival include “On Record” a brand new album featuring eleven original songs from local artists. Jez Collins of Birmingham Music Archive produced and created UB40 and also by Simon Duggal, a Grammy-nominated producer.

The festival in its final month of September 2nd -18th will feature giant fabricated trees and thousands of plants to be displayed over Birmingham’s Victoria Square. Visitors will also witness a festival of free events consisting of spoken word, music, under the trees canopy, Ballistic Seed Party of color, and creativity.

Martin-Green, the Festival’s chief creative officer and former head of ceremonies at the 2012 Olympic Games in London commented “The great gift of the mega event is that it comes, and it gives an opportunity for everybody to work towards the same goal”.

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