Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 Cycling Schedule, Date, Time, Timetable, Live Stream UK, Australia, India

How to watch Commonwealth Games Cycling Schedule 2022 Live Telecast & TV Coverage Guide: One of the mainstay commonwealth games has been the cycling sports program, since its inception in 1934. All disciplines from the program, except road cycling, is an optional sports events. It was at the 2002 commonwealth games, that the organizers added a new discipline in the form of a mountain bike.

Commonwealth Games Cycling Schedule
Commonwealth Games Cycling Schedule 2022 Live Telecast & TV Coverage Guide

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Cycling at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games Cycling Program mainly includes four disciplines

1.Mountain Bike

It is interesting to know that the first Mountain Biking took place in 1896 when the 25th Infantry US Army Bicycle Corps rode from Fort Missoula, Montana to Yellowstone, which was covered a distance of 500 miles over rough terrain. Mountain Bike Cycling is known as the toughest and most adventurous challenging off-road competition, which will be a great event to watch out for at the upcoming Birmingham 2022 event.
It will be a thrilling, high-octane race competing with the highly skilled riders from different countries.

The one with top balance, speed, and athleticism in combination with bravery and endurance will provide a stiff challenge to other competitors. Athletes have to overcome stiff challenges, along with smooth landings, and have to push through steep mountain uphills. The winner who successfully completes all the challenges first will bag the gold medal.

The first Mountain Biking race was held at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games, and later on at Melbourne 2006, Glasgow 2014, and Gold Coast 2018.

2. Road Race

Road Cycling requires a lot of energy, which requires approximately 7000 calories of food each day. It is an ordinary road race, which is held on the public roads, that has always remained close to the community, where the route is lined by spectators, supporting them to the line of victory.

At the commonwealth games, Road Race competed in laps consisting of 160 Km for men, and 112 Km for women. It is a hardcore, strenuous, competition, where the competitors have to work hard to complete the race successfully.

In exciting moves against each other, athletes struggle at every move to claim the winning spot. Road Race has been part of every commonwealth game since 1938.

3. Time Trial

Time Trial Cycling is a time-bound cycling race, where the rider has to compete against themselves. The route for men cyclists is marked up to 37 Km and 29 Km circuit for women. The Fastest rider completing all the important circuits in the stipulated time tops the podium.

Time Trial Race event is popular among all the other cycle events, transforming regular roads into an arena for elite sport, where spectators enjoy the event.

Time Trial became part of the Commonwealth Games at the 1988 Kuala Lumpur event and thereafter became the mandatory sports program. It is also popularly known as the “Race of the Truth”, where the rider contests alone.

4. Track and Para Track

It is one of the fastest and most powerful cycling activities, that displays the speed, energy, time, and precision of an athlete.

The upcoming Birmingham 2022 Cycling Track Cycling event consists of the following events.

Sprint/ Para-Sport Tandem Sprint
The Sprint event is conducted on three laps, on the other hand, Tandem Sprint riders have to conduct a challenge over five laps.

Individual Pursuit
In the Individual Pursuit, cyclists compete against each other, on the opposite sides of the track. The rider who completes the race first wins the gold medal, whereas the third and fourth fastest cyclists claim the Bronze medal. The men’s race competes in 4000 meters individual pursuit, while the women’s race competes over a distance of 3,000 m.

Scratch Race
Scratch Race is a long race event comprising 15 km for men and 10 km for women. The rider completing the distance first wins the race, whereas the remaining riders have to leave the race.

Team Sprint
Teams of three riders, have to compete across the three laps of the track, where the rider leaving the first track has to exit the race, with the second rider after lap second. Finally, the third rider, have to finish the race successfully for their team. The Gold medal winner is decided among the two fastest riding teams.

The word Keirin is derived from the Japanese word “fight”, where a rider had to compete in a pre-drawn line on a motorcycle known as ‘derny’.
Riders are restricted to pass the derny until it successfully covers the three laps. The first one crossing the sealing line wins the race.

Point Race
Point Race event is competed both among men and women riders, where 24 riders compete for over 40 km in men’s category and 25 km in women’s category.
The race is divided into 10 laps, where the first rider will receive five points, the second three points, the third with two points, and the fourth one point.
20 points are awarded for a rider who completes the lap field, while the loser loses 20 points. The winner is awarded based on the most number of points.

Team Pursuit
It is an event where teams of four races have to cover a distance of 4000 km. All the four riders have to remain in the contest, whereas the time of the team depends on the third rider, with the rider successfully leading the race for around one lap.

The gold medal is contested between two of the fastest teams, and there will be another race for the Bronze medal.

Birmingham 2022 Cycling Venue

The Cycling competition at Birmingham 2022 will be held in 4 different Venues like Lee Valley VeloPark (track cycling), Cannock Chase Forest (mountain biking), West Park (road time trials) and St Nicholas’ Park (road race)

Commonwealth Games Cycling Schedule 2022 Date, Time

The Cycling will take place at Birmingham 2022 from Friday 29th July to Sunday 7th August. 29 July – 1 August 2022 (track cycling), 3 August 2022 (mountain biking), 4 August 2022 (road time trials) and 7 August 2022 (road race). Here is the full schedule of 2022 Commonwealth Games Cycling event:

All Dates & Times in this Cycling Timetable are British Summer Time(BST) (GMT+1).

Date Time Event
WED 3 AUGUST 2022 11:30 – 16:00 Women’s Cross Country Final
Women’s Cross Country Medal Ceremony
Men’s Cross Country Final
Men’s Cross Country Medal Ceremony
SUN 7 AUGUST 2022 8:00 – 17:00 Women’s Road Race Final
Women’s Road Race Medal Ceremony
Men’s Road Race Final
Men’s Road Race Medal Ceremony
THU 4 AUGUST 2022 10:00 – 16:00 Women’s Time Trial Final
Women’s Time Trial Medal Ceremony
Men’s Time Trial Final
Men’s Time Trial Medal Ceremony
FRI 29 JULY 2022 10:00 – 13:00 Women’s Tandem B – Sprint Qualification
Women’s 4000m Team Pursuit Qualification
Men’s 4000m Team Pursuit Qualification
Women’s Team Sprint Qualification
Women’s Tandem B – Sprint Semi Finals
Men’s Team Sprint Qualification
16:00 – 18:30 Women’s Tandem B – Sprint Finals
Men’s Tandem B – 1000m Time Trial
Women’s 4000m Team Pursuit Finals
Men’s Tandem B – 1000m Medal Ceremony
Women’s 4000m Team Pursuit Medal Ceremony
Men’s 4000m Team Pursuit Finals
Women’s Tandem B – Sprint Medal Ceremony
Men’s 4000m Team Pursuit Medal Ceremony
Women’s Team Sprint Finals
Men’s Team Sprint Finals
Women’s Team Sprint Medal Ceremony
Men’s Team Sprint Medal Ceremony
SAT 30 JULY 2022 10:00 – 14:15 Women’s Sprint Qualification
Women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualification
Women’s Sprint 1/8 Finals
Women’s Sprint Quarter Finals
Men’s 4000m Individual Pursuit Qualification
16:00 – 19:00 Men’s Keirin Round 1
Women’s Sprint Semi Finals
Women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit Finals
Men’s Keirin Round 1 Repechage
Women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit Medal Ceremony
Men’s 4000m Individual Pursuit Finals
Men’s Keirin Round 2
Women’s Sprint Finals
Men’s 4000m Individual Pursuit Medal Ceremony
Men’s Keirin Finals (7-12 & 1-6)
Men’s Keirin Medal Ceremony
Women’s Sprint Medal Ceremony
SUN 31 JULY 2022 10:00 – 13:30 Men’s Sprint Qualification
Men’s Tandem B – Sprint Qualification
Men’s Sprint 1/8 Finals
Men’s Tandem B – Sprint Semi-Finals
Men’s Sprint Quarter Finals
Men’s 15km Scratch Race Qualification
Women’s 25km Points Race Qualification
15:00 – 19:00 Men’s Tandem B – Sprint Finals
Men’s Sprint Semi Finals
Women’s Tandem B – 1000m Time Trial Final
Women’s 25km Points Race Final
Women’s 500m Time Trial Final
Men’s Sprint Finals
Women’s Tandem B – 1000m Time Trial Medal Ceremony
Men’s Tandem B – Sprint Medal Ceremony
Women’s 25km Points Race Medal Ceremony
Women’s 500m Time Trial Medal Ceremony
Men’s 15km Scratch Race Final
Men’s Sprint Medal Ceremony
Men’s 15km Scratch Race Medal Ceremony
MON 1 AUGUST 2022 14:00 – 19:00 Women’s 10km Scratch Race Qualification
Women’s Keirin Round 1
Men’s 40km Points Race Qualification
Women’s Keirin Round 1 Repechage
Men’s 1000m Time Trial Final
Women’s Keirin Round 2
Men’s 1000m Time Trial Medal Ceremony
Women’s 10km Scratch Race Final
Women’s Keirin Finals (7-12 & 1-6)
Women’s 10km Scratch Race Medal Ceremony
Men’s 40km Points Race Final
Women’s Keirin Medal Ceremony
Men’s 40km Points Race Medal Ceremony

How to watch Commonwealth Games cycling highlights

JJ Chalmers and Isa Guha will be present Commonwealth games Daily highlights on BBC One. Also Live radio coverage will be broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live, 5 Live Sports Extra & BBC Sounds.

How can i Watch CWG cycling Live Free In my Country

Here’s how to watch the Commonwealth Games cycling live stream and on TV in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, India and New Zealand.

How to watch cycling: live stream Commonwealth Games 2022 for FREE in the USA

Sadly, there’s no confirmed broadcaster for the Commonwealth Games 2022 in the USA yet. The only alternative option is to use a VPN service provider to access Commonwealth games cycling live coverage from another country. As described above Steps.

Can I watch cycling at the Commonwealth Games in the Uk

In United kingdom, Viewers can watch the Commonwealth Games 2022 cycling for FREE on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC iPlayer and through the BBC Red Button. The Live Coverage typically begins at 8.30am BST during the game – though there are some exceptions – and continues till nights. You can watch commonwealth games cycling live free on BBC iPlayer with a valid TV licence.

How to watch 2022 Commonwealth Games cycling live stream for Free in Australia

In Australia, sports fans can watch Commonwealth Games cycling for free on Channel 7. CWG Coverage will begins at 5.30pm AEST, but because of time differences, a lot of the game telecast also takes place in the dead of night.

How to watch track cycling live stream Commonwealth Games 2022 FREE in Canada

In Canada, Sports fans can live stream the 2022 Commonwealth Games cycling on the CBC Sports website for free. Live coverage starts as late (or early) as 2am ET / 11pm PT on some days, with live streaming continuing till the afternoons. So, if you’re looking to watch Birmingham 2022, CBC should be your first option to enjoy the game.

CWG 2022 cycling live telecast in India

Indian viewers can watch the Commonwealth Games 2022 cycling on the Sony LIV Television network. Online viewers can access the CWG 2022 cycling live streaming on Sony LIV’s official website & also on Sony LIV’s mobile application.

Watch Commonwealth Games cycling in New Zealand

Sky Network is the only network to broadcast the Birmingham 2022 for the people of New Zealand. So you can stream cycling live matches via

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